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How To Sew Clothes

December 2, 2014
There are so many different types of crafts and hobbies that are enjoyed by a variety of people. Children enjoy passing the time by coloring and playing board games. Men often prefer to fish and women would rather go shopping. Indeed, there are endless amounts of hobbies. In particular, sewing is extremely useful. However,

How To Sew A Button On

December 2, 2014
Losing a button may seem like the end of the world and for those that do not know how to sew on a button, it may very well be. Sewing on a button is far easier than you could imagine and knowing how to do it is a valuable skill. Here are a few

Wedding Photography Tips

December 3, 2014
If you are known to be a photography buff, chances are at some point a friend or family member is going to ask you to photograph their wedding. The prospect might be daunting but with a planning and foresight, you can do an admirable job, pleasing both yourself and the person who asked you

How To Set Up A Sewing Machine

December 3, 2014
There are many different sewing machines on the market. Though sewing machines all do the same thing, they have their differences. The greatest suggestion for a newbie is to make sure you keep your machine’s manual near the sewing machine, at all times, until you are a pro at using it. The manual will

Cool Card Magic Trick You Can Do

December 3, 2014
This magic card trick is so incredible that it will leave the audience wondering how you ever pulled this off. If you take the time to practice, this is one of the easiest tricks to perform and will become one of the favorites you perform. Here is a step by step detailed instruction on

How To Make A Paper Hat

December 3, 2014
How to make an awesome paper hat A paper hat is a classic craft item, and it is the kind of items that can be made in a couple of minutes. This makes it great for gags, or as a quick prop while playing with children. Some of the things a person should know

How To Paint Portraits

December 5, 2014
Learning how to paint portraits from still photos is as simple as 1,2,3. It may sound like a familiar cliche, but if you think in term of using steps during the process while building upon each one of those steps, it’s really simple. Step 1. Step on happens to be very vital! Decide on

How To Make A Christmas Stocking

December 6, 2014
The Christmas season approaches quickly. Instead of buying stockings from the store to hang on your wall or fireplace mantle, try your hand at making your own. You can share the experience with your children so that they can make something personalized. The stockings can be used each year, and you can add little

How To Make A Puppet

December 6, 2014
Creating A Puppet Can Be Fun For Everyone Regardless of your goal or the kind of puppet you choose to make, they can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. The best part about creating a puppet is that it is a great activity to bring the family together. If you have never

Collecting Comic Books

December 8, 2014
Comic book collecting is a popular hobby that many people enjoy. Comic books can easily be considered artwork, but other collectors are interested in nostalgia or simply completing their collections. If you’d like to get your own comic book collection started then here’s how. Collect What You Like What are your favorite comic books?

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